Warning: Change proposal submissions are closed during the review period.

Map of Atlanta region street network

List of Proposed Changes

Below you'll find a table of all proposed changes to functional classes made for roads in County. Use the Search field to search for other changes and view the contents of each change by clicking View.

Proposing a Change

If you'd like to propose a change for a road segment in County, the process starts by clicking on the road segment of interest on the map to the left.

Finding the road

If you know generally where the road is, try typing a city name (e.g., Snellville, GA) into the search box in the bottom left corner of the map.

Can't find the road you're looking for?

Right now this process focuses on arterials and collectors (i.e., no freeways or local roads). If you would like to propose a change for a local road or some other missing road, please email Marshall Willis.

View entire region

Because many roads run across county boundaries, it's important to consider your proposed change in a regional context. Click the layers icon in the upper left corner to turn on the Entire Region layer to see how roads are classified in other counties.

View proposed changes

Turn on the Proposed Changes layer to view changes already proposed by ARC and/or GDOT. We also strongly suggest you search for your road in the List of Proposed Changes.